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Title: Analysis and Media Reportage of Sexual Harassment in Nigeria
Author(s): Akinwalere Ifedayo & Abiodun-Baba Onome Oluwabunmi
Abstract: The study content analysed The Punch and The Guardian newspapers' coverage of sexual harassment in the news. Social responsibility theory and agenda-setting theory served as the study's foundations. Results showed that The Punch newspaper reported 54.2% more sexual harassment stories than The Guardian, which recorded 45.8%. The layout of the pieces suggested that the chosen newspapers place a greater emphasis on straightforward news than other types of news reports. Furthermore, story prominence revealed that, with 43.7% of the front and 56.3% of the inside pages of the chosen newspapers, sexual harassment articles were prominently covered. It was found that the victims themselves were the source of 37.5% of sexual harassment tales, followed by their family members and friends with 8.4%, security personnel with 16.6%, and eyewitnesses with 10.4%. 14.6% and 12.5%, respectively, of the reports emanated from non-governmental organizations and social media. Therefore, the study recommended that the media pay attention to news on sexual harassment by doing in-depth investigations on each issue. Additionally, a thorough investigation should be made, lectures should be performed, and citizens should be informed and guided about the risk of sexual harassment at all levels, from the personal to the governmental.
Keywords: Harassment, Media, Newspaper, Reportage, Sexual

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